By: Maposa Nkhuwa     Have you ever used your intuition to solve problems? Can you trust your intuition? Can you improve it?   What Is Intuition?   Intuition is simply a feeling, sense, or hunch based on information not available to your conscious mind. Some say this comes from […]

By: Celeste M Alexander   It happens every year. Just when you are settled in to the lazy days of summer, you are startled to find Back to School catalogs in your mailbox and bikinis going on sale in favor of turtlenecks. Your local store has devoted an entire aisle […]

By: Elly Card Description: This card shows the wheel of the goddess Fortuna, turning clockwise with people, or animals falling from/climbing it. Atop it there is sometimes perched a sphinx holding the sword of discernment, representing balance in the face of constant fluidity. It also usually features the word “TARO” […]