By: J Nighteagle       Does the brighter light provide more energy to our intentions and desires? Does illumination equal energy? Perhaps not. Illumination allows for clarity of our desires, but the energy to make desires reality is the energy of the dark moon. Darkness conjures up childhood fears. […]

By: J Nighteagle       Long before Sun deities were worshiped, the Moon in all her forms and phases was deified. The Full Moon each month marks the culmination of an energy cycle. Human emotions, plant and animal life, weather and tides are directly affected by lunar rhythms. Old […]

By: Lulu Gleason Double Dark Moons are pretty uncommon which happens when two New Moons are in one month. Like the month of July 2011 we will have a new moon on the first and then another on the 30th. The next double new moon phase will not happen until […]

By: Lulu Gleason On March 19th, the moon was the closest to the earth it will be until 2016. Now what does this mean to us here on earth? Could the strange new super moon cause even more strange occurrences or natural disasters? According to Scientist and Astronomers around the […]