By: Ivan Lasater       People who are experiencing emotional suffering can choose to free themselves from the bondage of negative thought. It’s as easy as changing the mind.   A common misconception among people who experience a great deal of emotional turmoil is that they are powerless to […]

By: Rockey Sheen       Meditation can heal lots of psychological and a few physical problems. If you are lucky enough not to suffer from any, still you can practice meditation, as it will only bring the better person out of yourself, and motivate you to live a more […]

By: Herve Ime     Staying motivated requires a daily ritual.   In other words, motivation is not a one-time event. To stay motivated you need to do certain things each day to stay driven.   I was reading some tips recently – written by an extremely successful business man. […]

Be Positive

By: Terrence Worsech       This may sound quite aberrant to most of the younger generations who are not really exposed to the personality development articles, books or motivational lectures.   Being positive does not indicate that we aren’t able to handle a situation which is of abstruse nature. […]

By: Orson Scott     Inspirational words boost your confidence to become more successful in your life. The right inspirational words are positive thoughts that act as fuel for a positive attitude in your life. Inspirational words are a strong influence for your success in life. Learning how to think […]

By: Celeste M Alexander   It happens every year. Just when you are settled in to the lazy days of summer, you are startled to find Back to School catalogs in your mailbox and bikinis going on sale in favor of turtlenecks. Your local store has devoted an entire aisle […]

By: Diane Hill   No matter how much you want to make your dreams come true you still need some practical ways to keep yourself motivated over the long term. You need the ability to keep going in the face of setbacks, disappointments and short-term frustrations. i.e. a motivation technique […]