By: Michelle       NOTE: It may be good to record this meditation and play it back to yourself,or have someone else guide you through it… For this meditation, you may wish to play some soothing music that can help you to relax. Burning incense such as lavender is […]

By: Office Staff       Last year we wrote a blog this time of year about taking the pressure off of making the standard “New Years Resolutions.” We touched on just making little goals for yourselves and making them more attainable. This year we would like to do something […]

By: Erin     Every year I, along with most of the population, make certain goals or “resolutions” for the new year that I always tell myself “I’m definitely going to do these things this year -no excuses- this is the year I’m sticking to my word!” But again, much […]

By: Nicole A Brune     Transformational Counseling is about assisting others to transform their life. Transformational Counseling is a process of assisting others to learn how to let go of the past and live fully in the present. To live fully in the present is to become awaken to […]

By: Erin   Happy New Year everyone! This year I decided to stop trying to make “resolutions” and just focus on making myself better in every aspect of my life day by day. Like many people, I am very hard on myself.   Each year I try to make promises […]

By: Rachael Rollins     So you ate, drank and spent too much over the Holidays. Now you are overweight, bloated, tired and broke, and you are promising yourself that you are going to change all that this year!   There are two reasons why New Year Resolutions don’t work; […]

By: Cyndi Seidler What’s your vision of this holiday season? Creating a memorable holiday is like orchestrating a major production. There are people, props, and agendas involved. Appoint yourself as the producer and bring together the pieces to transform your vision into a reality. Start a list of what activities […]

By: Elly This time of year everyone starts making promises and resolutions, that try their best, they may never keep or live up to. This disappointment follows them throughout the year and causes resolutions that are even more grandiose and promises to the next year. Stop it! Stop driving yourself […]

By: Elly Today is the first day of Chinese New Year, a celebration that is possibly the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays which lasts 15 days. This tradition is considered a spring festival, despite the fact that those in America will be celebrating it during the winter months; […]