Here we are met by the Lovers of the tarot. We leave the home, knowing ourselves and begin to move towards building a home of our own. At this point in the story the fool has some self knowledge and has learned from the stories of how the structures of this world came to be. We know how to contemplate matters and understand there is a higher truth above our singular experience.

By: J Nighteagle       The Major Arcana:   The Major Arcana of the tarot are all of those cards with big, fancy titles. The Emperor, Death, The Tower, the Sun, Temperance,   etc; all fall into the same category. There are 22 Major Arcana cards, and each one […]

By: J Nighteagle       MOTHER:   When this card appears it addresses nurturing and generative energies or experiences. It”s a card of deep and devoted sharing and caring. The card can also indicate fitfulness and a long term of tending what will grow.   WHEEL OF THE YEAR: […]

By: Martin Luther       Psychic reading can be labelled as the modern name of the ancient practice of divination. The readers involved in this practice were earlier known as fortune tellers. It’s a unique power of extra sensory perception seen in specific humans around the world.   Some […]

By: Erin       As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, everyday I like to pull a single card from my new tarot deck and give myself a “Daily Focus” reading. This type of reading is good for a few reasons; one it doesn’t take a lot of time […]

By: Erin        Picking up where I left off Monday, I stated I’ve been getting familiar with the tarot and giving myself different spreads and readings to learn the cards and their meanings. Well today I gave myself a 3 card spread. 3 card spreads are great because […]

By: Erin       Recently I received a new tarot deck and I have been trying to become familiar with the cards and their meanings by giving myself daily readings. Sometimes I will give myself different spreads and do a full on reading but I have gotten into the […]

By: Michelle       We all have intuition. Some call it instinct. It is what animals in the wild have for survival. However,it is said that there are ways to expand your intuition. This blog will talk about some of them.   1. Meditation   Meditation can help quiet […]

By: J Nihteagle       DIVINATION:   As any Diviner worth his or her weight in salt can tell you, may be defined as an attempt to elicit information from some occult entity or some deeply hidden dimension of the mind, information often considered beyond the reach of our […]