Taurus: are generally good natured, patient, and accountable. A Taurus will make for a great friend, having a good sense of humor, and patience. While a Taurus prefers to be non-violent, they can sometimes hold so strongly to their convictions that relationships suffer in the process. Not known to be big risk takers, Taurus is also somewhat resistant to change. As the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus is creative, honest, and loving. These qualities also make those born under Taurus successful, and driven, though at times possessive. Taurus has an affinity for security, and seeks it via strong business skills and commitment. One born under the sign of Taurus is also likely to have a natural affinity for art or music. Overall Taurus is a very positive sign, despite embodying the stubbornness of the Bull, which represents the sign; Taurus represents warmth, passion, hard work, and loyalty.
Common characteristics of Taurus: Loving, reliable, determined, intelligent, grounded, jealous, self indulgent, practical, slow to act, methodical, unreflective, resentful, pleasure seeking, productive, artistic, rigid, persistent, clever, sociable.
Ruling Planet: Venus   Color association: Shades of Blue 
Birthstones: Sapphire, Diamond, Opal, Emerald, Agate

…and Sex and Astrology for Taurus

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WK 1 this is the time to get what you deserve for your previous actions.  What you began years ago has finally come full circle and will offer you payback for all of your nurturing and protection.  You will now receive exactly what you have put into the situation.

WK 2 the small crack in your romance has widened to an insurmountable gap and it looks like this will be the ending of this chapter so the flip side is that it will also be the beginning of the new chapter in your life that brings unexpected happiness.

WK 3 you get a second chance at a relationship you once messed up because you thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.  It turns out that the fence was being used to keep you in so you could be milked and otherwise used

WK 4 the week begins with someone vowing to love you forever and the week ends with you praying for the end of time to come and take this person away so you can get back to your normal life.

WK 5 answering someone’s invitation requires a leap of faith that this person has changed and is not as self-centered as they were in the past.  Waiting for someone to mature is like watching a tree grow and branch in different directions.


WK 1 the horse you rode in on becomes very important as those who helped you get to where you are stand up to be counted once again.  Those who are on your side validate your desire to do for others

WK 2 the rumors are right about changes coming to your employment so now is the time to look for an alternative to what you are doing. If you hesitate it will be too late and you’ll join many jumping out the windows of a burning building

WK 3 the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth means nothing ever dies out completely, it only morphs into a new phase of life and those who understand this are the happiest, most contented souls on earth

WK 4 your spirit guides are trying to attract another soul to your side because they think you need this experience but you are reluctant because of what has happened in the past and what you fear will happen how

WK 5 a new job is open and it can be yours if you believe what a coworker tells you.  This is stepping off into the unknown with only your faith in that friend to hold on to so don’t burn your bridges behind you.


WK 1 like the sun coming out after the storm and clearing the clouds, good news breaks through the gloom and changes attitudes and forecasts for the future that had been rough

WK 2 if you ignore the signs and omens being sent by your spirit guides you could miss an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and leave the ship before it sinks completely

WK 3 the reason that people leave this life early is because many have more than one karmic path to follow and when another life calls this one has to be put on hold.  Each life takes its turn and uses its allotted time. 

WK 4 you have dreaded being alone so your guides have brought you together with the soul who will stay at your side as long as they are welcome in your life and there is a need for their services

WK 5 you have shown extraordinary patience and now it will pay off as the only path still open to you just happens to be the one that leads to happiness.  Eliminating the bad choices was the work of your spirit guides.


WK 1 LAST QUARTER so the dream or vision is of you taking action just before your time runs out.  You see yourself using a divining rod, searching for water.  The interpretation is that you are being asked to combine your will with divine will so you will do the right thing.


WK 2 NEW MOON so the dream or vision is of making plans for the future. You see money growing on a tree or bush and the interpretation is that the money you are expecting is almost here


WK 3 FIRST QUARTER so the dream or vision is of taking the first step in a plan of action and you see yourself on a horse that will not obey your commands. You will be forced to make a blind decision so your only help will come from your spirit guides who must be asked before they can help


WK 4 FULL MOON so the dream or vision is of a spiritual nature.  You are searching for a black cat in a dark room by following the cat’s eyes and the interpretation is that someone is trying to visit you using transcendental meditation and leaving an open pathway behind them for you to do the same