Those born under the sign of Taurus are generally good natured, patient, and accountable. A Taurus will make for a great friend, having a good sense of humor, and patience. While a Taurus prefers to be non-violent, they can sometimes hold so strongly to their convictions that relationships suffer in the process. Not known to be big risk takers, Taurus is also somewhat resistant to change. As the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus is creative, honest, and loving. These qualities also make those born under Taurus successful, and driven, though at times possessive. Taurus has an affinity for security, and seeks it via strong business skills and commitment. One born under the sign of Taurus is also likely to have a natural affinity for art or music. Overall Taurus is a very positive sign, despite embodying the stubbornness of the Bull, which represents the sign; Taurus represents warmth, passion, hard work, and loyalty.
Common characteristics of Taurus: Loving, reliable, determined, intelligent, grounded, jealous, self indulgent, practical, slow to act, methodical, unreflective, resentful, pleasure seeking, productive, artistic, rigid, persistent, clever, sociable.
Ruling Planet: Venus   Color association: Shades of Blue 
Birthstones: Sapphire, Diamond, Opal, Emerald, Agate


WK 1 the message you have been waiting for finally arrives and this is good news about a family member who has been traveling.  This news will release you from old bondage and allow you a new freedom to pursue the love you desire

WK 2 your spirit guides use smoke and mirrors to convince you that what you are seeing in the eyes of another is true and is meant for you to see.  You can only love one completely at a time so it requires some sort of death of one lover to create the next need for a new lover

WK 3 being fortunate, having good luck, and being able to slide through problems unscathed are all signs from the spirit world that you are on the right path and should continue doing what you are doing.  This will lead you to a new cycle of love that requires blind faith in the concept of love itself.

WK 4 discouragement comes from expectations that are not met.  This comes to reveal the problem in your relationship, which is expecting too much from your partner and making them responsible for creating your happiness.  And that is a recipe for disaster.

WK 5 it is just as difficult to be given too much as it is to not have enough.  When too many good things arrive at the same time, you have to decide what you really want and what is meaningful enough to you to be kept and what should be given away to those who need it most


WK 1 good news arrives about the location of your work and how you go about sharing it with the world.  The abundance you seek comes from removing the blinders and seeing reality to make you realize that nothing is holding you back.

WK 2 you are attracted to partners who can improve your work and you are led from one partner to another because of what they can do for you and what you can do for them at the same time.  The work that is up to you is knowing when to turn the page

WK 3 you stand at the edge of a new path and will have to make a leap of faith to convince your spirit guides that you are ready and willing to cooperate with the wishes of the unseen world to guarantee your continued good fortune

WK 4 the best way to learn about love is to keep your mouth shut and allow the others in your life the freedom to do what they think will make them happiest.  Paying attention to the consequences suffered by others is the greatest learning process and it requires no emotional investment.

WK 5 the difficulty you are having in the material world at the present time is the result of not spending enough time with your spirit guides in the unseen world


WK 1 the message you deliver makes you the hero and gives you the moral authority to tell others what they should do.  You can release others from the chains that hold them in place and prevent movement.

WK 2 birth, death, and rebirth are the three stages of life that must be taken in the proper order to be successful.  The real key to living is patience, both with yourself and with the flow of the universal river of life.

WK 3 all endings are happy ones as situations come to the best conclusions possible and release you from the old baggage that held you down.  It is time to take a bold step into the future by making a leap of faith into the unknown

WK 4 every person and every event that comes into your life serves a purpose and expands your horizons if you allow this to happen.  Building walls inside your heart and mind to block bad things also serves to block the good things that want to enter your life

WK 5 the color pink in an aura indicates love and compassion for others.  If you pay attention your guides will let you see this color around other souls who are truthful and will give you honest feedback.


WK 1 FULL MOON the full moon always reveals what has been hidden and, more importantly, the reason that the information had to be hidden.  The secrets behind the secrets will become obvious this week.  Wait for the other shoe to drop as the information coming will arrive in two separate parts.

WK 2 LAST QT good things come in pairs this week as a second job, a part-time lover, or something borrowed from a friend becomes the focus of your attention

WK 3 NEW MOON this is the right time to plant new ideas into the world consciousness so speak up and express what has been laid on your heart by those you know to reside in the spirit world

WK 4 FIRST QT you have a surprise coming when someone who has not spoken out before says what is on their mind and this turns out to be a relationship with you