Taurus: are generally good natured, patient, and accountable. A Taurus will make for a great friend, having a good sense of humor, and patience. While a Taurus prefers to be non-violent, they can sometimes hold so strongly to their convictions that relationships suffer in the process. Not known to be big risk takers, Taurus is also somewhat resistant to change. As the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus is creative, honest, and loving. These qualities also make those born under Taurus successful, and driven, though at times possessive. Taurus has an affinity for security, and seeks it via strong business skills and commitment. One born under the sign of Taurus is also likely to have a natural affinity for art or music. Overall Taurus is a very positive sign, despite embodying the stubbornness of the Bull, which represents the sign; Taurus represents warmth, passion, hard work, and loyalty.
Common characteristics of Taurus: Loving, reliable, determined, intelligent, grounded, jealous, self indulgent, practical, slow to act, methodical, unreflective, resentful, pleasure seeking, productive, artistic, rigid, persistent, clever, sociable.
Ruling Planet: Venus   Color association: Shades of Blue 
Birthstones: Sapphire, Diamond, Opal, Emerald, Agate

…and Sex and Astrology for Taurus

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WK 1 the reason for siblings and family is to teach us how to live with others so that when we seek our mates, we will know what we are looking for. Something you learned at an early age comes into play and takes your relationship to an entirely new level of mutual dreams and fulfillment

WK 2 the version of the truth that you hear about someone is not the whole truth so be slow to judge before you check out the facts for yourself. Jumping to conclusions is leaping before you look at where you are going to land and who’s toes you are going to land on.

WK 3 everything you thought you knew about someone is turned upside down when you are allowed to see the situation from a different point of view and realize that everything in the universe experiences birth, death, and rebirth so patience truly is our greatest virtue.

WK 4 the universe takes a hand and forces a conclusion that has been needing to happen for quite some time. After a person or event has served its purpose in your life it must be released so you can move on to the next step

WK 5 the chains that tie you to a bad habit or a person who is a bad influence are weakened when you gain experience and knowledge. You are not as naïve and pliable as you were yesterday and tomorrow you will only grow stronger


WK 1 you were put into your current position in a way that was so easy it seemed predestined and it was the wish of a guardian spirit to have you in the right place at the right time to accept what is opening up for you now so follow your heart and admit what you love to do.

WK 2 a coworker asks you to cover for them by telling a little lie and your guides are waving red flags to warn you about the consequences that will come into being in both your material world and in your conscious if you honor this request.

WK 3 something is coming to an end so be ready for sudden change when the lightning bolt hits and blows the old away to make room for what has been waiting in the wings and is now ready to take center stage

WK 4 what ends now is better off gone because it gives you the opportunity to discover new things and it gives you a reason to end the old cycle so you can make room for the new cycle that will enter your life when there is a need for it

WK 5 your spirit guides have heard your call for freedom from the same old dull work and what you have asked for is coming to you but it is coming in a form that never crossed your mind and this is to show you where the idea is coming from


WK 1 life can be very simple when you listen to your own heart over the opinions of others. Other souls believe that it is easier to change your mind than to go to all of the trouble of change theirs. Beware of flattery because fame is just the opinion of other people

WK 2 you receive a teachable moment and the perfect students in the right place at the right time to demonstrate that forgiveness outlives revenge. When we demonize those we hate, we give them all of the powers of the Fallen Angels. When we love those who hate us, we become enlightened.

WK 3 you can change your world by simply changing how you respond to others. When you believe that you are loved by the universe you have no fear of what is coming to you in the future.

WK 4 all new beginnings come with a best if used by dating system that lets you know that nothing is forever and anything you ever thought about another soul will change because you and every other soul on the planet change every day of your lives.

WK 5 the bonds that tie you to any person or group on Earth are conceived and built by you. We all make mistakes and it is through the forgiving others of their mistakes that we know who is supposed to be in our lives and who must be released.


the dream or fantasy that comes is of you opening treasure chests full of valuable objects and trying to stuff as many as you can in your pockets while still being able to walk away and the interpretation is that all things must be let go of when they no longer serve your purpose. Deciding what goes and when is called living.

WK 2 LAST QT the dream or fantasy that comes is of a body lying dead with a large knife in the back and
the interpretation is that someone is about to let you down by talking behind your back and betraying your trust.

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or fantasy that comes is of Angels singing, blowing trumpets and spreading their wings around you and the interpretation is that you are a blessed soul and you have no reason to fear what any tomorrow might bring.

WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or fantasy that comes is of you standing before a judge in a courtroom and the interpretation is the way you do business is being scrutinized for anything that might be a bad influence on those who follow you.