Taurus: are generally good natured, patient, and accountable. A Taurus will make for a great friend, having a good sense of humor, and patience. While a Taurus prefers to be non-violent, they can sometimes hold so strongly to their convictions that relationships suffer in the process. Not known to be big risk takers, Taurus is also somewhat resistant to change. As the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus is creative, honest, and loving. These qualities also make those born under Taurus successful, and driven, though at times possessive. Taurus has an affinity for security, and seeks it via strong business skills and commitment. One born under the sign of Taurus is also likely to have a natural affinity for art or music. Overall Taurus is a very positive sign, despite embodying the stubbornness of the Bull, which represents the sign; Taurus represents warmth, passion, hard work, and loyalty.
Common characteristics of Taurus: Loving, reliable, determined, intelligent, grounded, jealous, self indulgent, practical, slow to act, methodical, unreflective, resentful, pleasure seeking, productive, artistic, rigid, persistent, clever, sociable.
Ruling Planet: Venus   Color association: Shades of Blue 
Birthstones: Sapphire, Diamond, Opal, Emerald, Agate

…and Sex and Astrology for Taurus

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WK 1 you get a second chance to make a good first impression after the first meeting is canceled by circumstances beyond your control and this is your spirit guides or theirs rearranging the circumstances that are in your control and putting you together

WK 2 those you have helped show their gratitude for your leadership and the way you have held the door open for them to be a part of your group.  Being a good example is not enough, you must also show others how it is done

WK 3 a new factor enters the scene and brings change to a part of your life that has been stagnate and this comes to show you that when you have done all that you can do, it is time to move on.

WK 4 when the old fire burns out it leaves you in a situation where the only remedy is the truth and this could be painful.  Old secrets are revealed and this brings a couple closer or ends the whole thing.

WK 5 what seemed to be over is reborn and a relationship is given a second change.  You have a chance to create the world you want to live in and attract those that you want to live with by being truthful with yourself and letting others know what you want.


WK 1 you have been doing more than your share at work and this has been noticed by those in charge and this could mean a promotion for you and a chance to be in charge of the group when an exciting new job comes in

WK 2 three very different but connected souls say thank you for the help you have given them and for allowing them to see how you do what you do and how you do it with grace

WK 3 you took care of all the regular things that you knew were going to happen but you did not consider the factor that surprised everyone and now gives you no choice but to leave and start over

WK 4 the chains you feel holding you in your job are not as strong as you have been led to believe they are and the secret information you are receiving from your spirit guides concerns what you are supposed to be doing with your life

WK 5 a old job reappears and if you go back it will be in a better position and offer a lot more satisfaction than it did for you in the past.  This time you get to be the leader and call the shots and that will make it a lot more interesting.


WK 1 you tend to overdo in the beginning and then get angry when others don’t follow your lead.  This takes all the fun out of for you and you withdraw your emotional connection to the work and wait for others to notice

WK 2 the old cycle comes to a conclusion and must be released so a new and more prosperous cycle can come into reality with the help of your spirit guides and the ones of those you are attracting into your life

WK 3 just when you think you have it all figured out, a new thing comes into being and changes everything and makes you rethink your plans.  This could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and alters the best laid plans

WK 4 old habits are hard to break when they include old friends but it will be worth the effort when you see the effect your behavior has on others and what it can do for the world.  It is time to make changes in your life that will lead to changes in your world.

WK 5 nothing lasts forever in a universe that follows the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth so embrace change whenever it comes and take full advantage of changing circumstances.  Never let fear of change hold you back.  Proving that you can change is why you are in this life.


WK 1 FULL MOON you get a double dose of whatever you receive this week so you are going to have your hands full at a time when others are requesting your assistance and asking you to work overtime or do double duty

 WK 2 LAST QT you dream of taking a thorn from a lion’s paw and making friends with your own animal nature that seems to be trying to guide you through this life, leading you by the genitals.  The point of the dream is that you should use this very

emotional side of your nature but it must be balanced by logical thoughts like time and place

 WK 3 NEW MOON you dream that you are twins who experience the two mirror image sides of your personality facing each other and merging into one.  The point of the dream is to show the power of logic and emotion combining and how this is the path for you to take.

WK 4 FIRST QT you dream of a magician who pulls rabbits from their hat but can’t stop the flow of rabbits and is soon buried by his own magic.  The point of the dream is that some information is not meant to be given to some people and if you do then there will be a price to pay.