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Virgo, the sixth position on the Zodiac is symbolized by the virgin; modesty and patience are great strengths of this sign. Sharp, methodical, prizing order, Virgo is ever evolving and always receptive to learning new things. Virgos can be obsessive at times, and while usually diplomatic, can come off as harsh due to their analytical nature and tendency to strive for perfection in all aspects of life. Virgos are loyal partners or friends and have a very caring nature.
Common Characteristics of Virgo: Modest, diligent, perfectionist, overcritical, practical, intelligent, reliable, analytical, fussy, crafty, reserved, scholarly, shy, artistic
Ruling Planet: Mercury   Color association: Blue  Birthstones: Sapphire, emeralds, jade

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This air and fire combination is not only interesting but to some extent difficult to handle if patience and understanding are not involved. The ram might be ignited by the powerful flow of air provided by the Virgo. However, there are many things that Aries must understand and try to act according to. It’s in the nature of Virgo trying to make everything perfect, or at least to the highest standards available. This might bring some problems, because the air flows freely and can reach the highest levels, and in doing so, Virgo won’t be happy with regular standards and will try to set some of its own, which in many cases are as difficult to achieve as it is to try to capture and stop the wind.On the side of Aries, reaching the top of the higher mountains and leading the way to them is in its nature. Problems will arise when Aries tries to continue to the top of the mountain while Virgo scrutinizes the path they take, holding their journey to its high standards. Aries will feel that Virgo is wasting time on meaningless side issues and Virgo might consider Aries' attitude to be selfish and, in some cases, sloppy. The best way to work things out is to take each one of your roles seriously and set realistic goals. This also means being open to suggestions, and being able to concede something to each other. Always try to make things better for both of you as a couple, without hidden agendas. There must be sincerity and balance if the Virgin and the Ram are going to love each other for a long time, which also implies commitment and patience. At an intimate level, this will be one of the best combinations; fire will be pushed by air and air will use it to spread its heat. Possibilities are endless at this level; however, don’t push too hard or both will be extinguishing too soon. The best for both of you is to give each other more romance, foreplay, and creativity, and give your all into wishing to please each other.  If it is possible, transcendence and adding another level of expectation to intimacy will ensure the sense of balance at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. To make things more interesting and intense, consider the old practices of Tantrism and they will help your relationship at almost every level. Even though it is not so easy, if you are able to give and commit yourself to this relationship, the reward will perfectly compensate any price you are paying.

This Earth/Soil combination is kind of interesting and at the same time a little bit risky. The main reason is the way each one of them will interact together; there might be some common goals as well as similar ideas, but the way to make them real varies greatly between them. In many cases the bull will go slowly and take safe steps, and at the same time the virgin will do the same, however the view of the field will be different for each of them. Whereas the bull will focus on the big area ahead, the virgin will be paying attention to every single piece of the land, every leaf and part of the landscape. These special characteristics combined can produce a great and positive couple, especially if a good set of rules is set for working together. This couple can achieve great things if they work together. However their varying points of view might cause friction between them. The bull won’t be that patient when the virgin decides to go really deep into something; for Virgo, there’s a great landscape to enjoy, instead of staying in only one place. On the other hand, Virgo will enjoy some loneliness to do its work without paying attention to the bull and its heavy steps, unless it’s stepping into Virgo’s work. Intimate life will be a pleasure due to the strength of both signs, but it should be moderated a little bit in order to avoid falling into routines that can destroy the relationship; otherwise, it’s going to be a thrilling adventure if each one is capable of giving more and for the pleasure of the other one. At this level, the earth/soil will recycle itself and fertilize life all around. Do your best, because it will be a worthwhile endeavor.

The combination of Air and Earth/Soil in this relationship is an interesting one; the Gemini is swift but can always fall back on the support of the Virgo. To achieve this level of complementation, it's best to set fine goals and rules while examining the details together. This is another combination where respect and teamwork is key. The virgin enjoys the little details and making sure everything is absolutely perfect, but the twins must always be in motion and doing something. If there is coordination between them, they can accomplish anything that comes their way so long as they're sure to see everything through until the end. The twins sometimes will jump to another project before finishing and that will put this couple at a disadvantage. The virgin, too, must learn to be understanding of the twins and to not criticize them. Adaptation and acceptance is the key to making this relationship work. However, there are many things that might dry the Earth/Soil up and a storm may brew between them, affecting anyone around them. Hopefully, people will take cover and stay away when this happens. Their intimate life is expected to be very active, so it's important to enjoy the foreplay and add some romance in order to make things interesting and possibly transcendental. This relationship can achieve many things when rules are followed and goals are set, so long as they give it a try.

This combination can bring many possibilities for both positive and negative events. Earth and Water can combine to bring endless abundance for everyone, or can even mix together to make an adaptable clay. However, there must be balance and moderation, or there will either be drought-like conditions or a horrible flood. These two elements must stay in harmony. On the other hand, the possible combinations and commonalities in this relationship are endless. It might not be very obvious that these two could be a couple, but they balance each other out as the crab hides their work and the virgin takes a long time to assess the details. Cancer is bound to skip over the practicalities of finances, however, driving Virgo crazy. This is where a good set of rules come in, eliminating criticisms and any sort of ill intentions. There will be a need for distance and respect from time to time; they must show their support for each other in these times of need. On an intimate level, these signs make for a healthy and active relationship, using creativity and romance. Intimacy can be achieved at almost any time if the circumstances are just right between them.

This combination of Earth and Fire is one of those that can be considered curious and effective, as well as an impossible extreme; everything depends on what they want to achieve. If they decide to be coordinated, will be an unstoppable force when they are use the energy and strength of the lion and the detailed work of the virgin in order to get things done. On the other side of the coin, there might be many problems, especially when the lion decides to exercise its rights as a king and overrule what its partner has decided to do. Sometimes the lion might take certain privileges for granted and that might be a surprise for them when the virgin decides to react and claim its part and its rights. This might lead to fatigue and a kind of obsession with small individual issues, which will deteriorate the relationship in the long run. To avoid that kind of problem, it’s important to talk, set goals, consider their partner before making any kind of decision and give it a timeline before making a decision. There must be a lot of respect and attention to the other one’s point of view in order to coordinate the efforts at almost every single level. This may be boring and tiring, but it's necessary for both parties to know more about each other and realize that every goal, every milestone and objective is going to be achievable if they simply work together. Sexuality is something that should be combined with some romance, adventure and certain levels of experimentation, especially if the couple has in mind some spiritual achievements in the long run. However, they must agree in their goals or this might become another issue to solve.

Curiously, this relationship is not going to be an easy one due to the inner nature of the virgin. There are many chances to enjoy a lot of humor, some creative moments, artistically oriented fun, lots of laughs, and many probabilities to succeed as individuals. Unfortunately, if either of those in this relationship decides to go beyond in looking for absolute perfection in their relationship, there might be a big problem they can become stagnant in ideas and their actions won’t show any true meaning. It is also important to consider some other forces and try to take advantage of the details that make the difference, making their production unique, very professional and extremely reliable. There are also many chances to have a great deal of intellectual adventures but they’ll always depend on how far you want to go. In some cases, what seem to be so exciting and interesting might not be the same later on. This can lead to boredom and loneliness; it might not be that obvious but one of them will begin to crack under the pressure. Try to release part of that inner stress in some sort activities, social service, volunteering or even taking some time in activities for inner growth, such as meditation, yoga, Tai Chi or some sort of martial arts. At intimate level, the passion can lead to an amazing joy as well as a sense of wholeness of the same element. It’s going to be important to set new goals and include some risks and adventure that will make the other facets more and more interesting as well as a complement for growing as human beings.

The contact of Earth with the Air can be one of the most interesting moments to find in life, especially if there is a common goal, a set of rules and a great level of commitment. This kind of combination is the one that allows everyone to enjoy a wonderful warm day in contact with nature. The air can take the seeds to different parts of the world and make them prosper if conditions are right, but at the same time can lead them to places where there’s no chance to progress or grow. That is one of the risks of not having control in the situation. These two natures must work and coordinate to help each other reach what lies ahead. It’s important to know what each person is bringing to the relationship in order to avoid surprises. The virgin must not try to tune the scale all the time to make it work better and the scale must try not to always look for perfect balance. With standards too high, it might be hard for this couple to achieve any positive results if they overdo things. If each one of them pushes these issues, tragedy and loneliness will be the only outcome. However, there are cases in which it’s much better to continue alone than becoming stagnant together. Intimacy is always fed by the creativity and the combination of force will make both of them happy. However, there must be lot of understanding and common goals to be able to go beyond the physical exchange of energies; there must be some sort of romance and adventure in order to use sexuality as a tool for growing together, instead of being the cause of separation.

This is a great and explosive combination of earth and water that can lead to many interesting things and to many tragedies if they are not in control of their inner natures. For these two elements, the chance to obtain whatever they want is guaranteed once they have set the rules of the game and decided to trust in each other. At some level the virgin might feel intimidated and at the same attracted by the nature of the scorpion and its complexities. It’s that sort of complexity and attraction that draws the Scorpio to Virgo by proxy. If they combine this wisely and respect and support each other, this can give the relationship the most incredible advantage when trying to achieve higher goals and setting new standards of life. Both are able to sacrifice and give so much to the other. However, when that trust has not been built and there is some lack of communication, disaster is guaranteed. The final result will only be pain and loneliness, so take care not to fall down that way. This can be one of the most romantic relationships out there if they work together. Each moment will be a thrilling adventure full of romance and experimentation; the moments of joy might be endless. This sexual drive could be considered a key element to maintain this couple bonding for a long time, but it also might be a way to escape from each other. Either way, it’s important to respect and communicate each other in order to achieve the most as well as to find ways to go beyond each one’s natures.

This is a difficult relationship to handle if clear and exact sets of rules are not in place. The main reasons for having almost a written contract between these two is because they’re both opposites in nature. This kind of natural conditioning might take them apart due to opposite directions they approach life.  For each one of them, the other’s actions make no sense; from another view, when there is a will, there will be results, most of them amazing. The earth will receive the benefits of the heat and the regenerating force of the fire, so it’ll be wonderful to work together, even if it seems a far away not so exact goal to pursue. It’ll be important to pay attention to every single detail and rely on instinct as well before the archer throws its arrow to the infinite. Working together, their efforts and actions will be more accurate and exact. However, their chances to achieve a lot will depend in their level of commitment to their relationships, instead of the commitment to the possible goals. They must look to each other and learn each other’s dreams, goals, and strengths in order to make this relationship work. In this point intimacy won’t be a problem due to the powerful nature of both members of the couple, but it’ll be important to set some goals and try to transcend their own inner zodiac nature to transform themselves into an amazing virgin galloping on the back of the centaur and working together for their own good.

This is one of those relationships that are famous for their silence and discretion, hiding their achievements and secrets from the world. This is something that can be done easily when two types of earth combine themselves together for a perfect soil. The slow and peaceful pace of the goat might be perfect for the finding of details and perfection that the virgin is always pursuing, and that quick and sharp mind can find a great complement with the knowledge of the terrain and high mountains that the goat might bring into the relationship. The fact of these two signs being Earth based is something that will give the best foundation to any kind of plan or project that both decide to follow. Everything will be bright and clear when they’re working together, complementing each other’s weaknesses, and helping the other one to achieve some individual goals. However, there might be a tendency to seek out some time alone; at some point each one might feel that they belong somewhere else and that the world is still too big to be contained in a small room offered by this kind of combination. To avoid this situation, set several goals and be willing to provide a lot of support and respect for them in their time of need. Give them some extra romance and take things slow; in doing so, better opportunities will spring up and there will be trust in the face of adversity.

This combination of Earth and Air seems to be one of the most creative ones as well as one that can complement each other in different levels due to the imagination, sharp mind, level of achievements that each one of the tries to add to the relationship. Aquarius will give Virgo enlightened ideas and Virgo will share their dreams with Aquarius. To this point everything seems to be working fine but there cannot be any kind of excesses, or the water-giver might prefer to leave and get another allied to its projects. With Virgo, that quick imagination seems to have a match, but gets to point of disappointing when Aquarius prefers not to go into the details they’re known for, and that kind of independent point of view is something that the virgin won’t be pleased with for so long. Unfortunately, this kind of feeling might build up and the relationship might crumble, leaving both of them alone. As a couple, intimacy is something that can give them a great time and lots of opportunity to improve the relationship at almost every level. Some extra romance and even some adventure will help to create great moments and bring them closer together; it’ll give them the chance to improve themselves and transcend the weakness of its own sign by using some tantric techniques to complement each other.

This is the kind of relationship that depends solely on those within it. Everything will depend on the level of commitment they have for each other as well as the support and help that can be given and received from the other. The wise combination of earth and water can produce as many miracles as their imaginations can come up with. However, the wrong combination or the wrong timing can cause problems for themselves as individuals as well as the people around them. The virgin will have the tendency to go into details to make their dreams possible, and the fish will try to adapt itself to the holes and places that are being filled by the water. Taking into account other aspects of the relationship, there are chances to create together many opportunities for the people around, which will become closer to them because there’s something special about them. They’ll probably never get to know what makes their partner so attractive. However, there are some of those moments in which the fish might prefer to swim alone without any kind of force limiting its way, with only the open sea to enjoy. With Virgo, the sense of perfection and commitment to one thing might drive Pisces crazy because there is not enough commitment from its point of view. At more intimate levels, sexuality is going to be the part of their lives that will allow them to become closer and closer, even to the point of becoming one. In this case, the high ideals of both might help to achieve more goals physically, mentally and even start to use some of the spiritual values to transcend life. Even though there are difficulties, the results and level of commitment achieved after setting common goals, as well as the active sexual life, will allow the problems to be left behind.

Horoscopes for the week of Monday, January 20th to Sunday, January 26th, 2019

VIRGO if your birthday comes between August 23 and September 22 you are Virgo and your place in the universe is the 6th house.  Numbers are the only facts that cannot be changed by popular opinion.  Your number is 6 and your never-ending self- improvement program is supposed to yield the perfect mate and the perfect job.  You are a practical visionary who needs to be the right kind of person and do the right things so you can make the world a better place.

This is the karma you brought into this life from previous ones and it is predictable using your date of birth and Sun sign.

There are two sides to everything in the universe and the other side of the karma you came into this life with is the karma you are building with your words and deeds in this lifetime.  This is what can still be changed by the lessons you are supposed to be taught by each event that enters your life.  Your instant karma in this life is to find what you love to do by eliminating everything that is not perfect for you in this lifetime

Now here’s a look at this week for VIRGO


MON you must walk your own path and blaze a new trail that will serve all those who are now lost in the wilderness

TUE a love affair is built from day one when the foundation is either set in stone or sand by truth or fiction

WED rather than giving someone a piece of your mind, give them peace of mind and show them you are trustworthy

THU good news is coming about someone you love who is far away in a dangerous place

FRI your romantic plans receive the approval of the only one who could make them happen

SAT quit waiting for the perfect time and put your plans in action

SUN take the time to show someone how much you care and the reaction will be wonderful


MON by being yourself you are setting an example of how to endure stress with class and this lesson is needed by many around you

TUE your work wins awards and you are placed above others in your craft

WED even the hangman is loved by their family, its when a stranger loves you that you have accomplished something

THU wear your white hat because you are the hero in today’s drama when you arrive at the right time, with the reprieve they are looking for

FRI a face to face with the big guy in charge is your next step in your carefully laid plan of action

SAT you have what it takes to impress so the less you say the better they will think of you

SUN you must override your animal nature and turn down a chance to make extra money with sharp dealing that would hurt others


MON we have no choice but to follow the light that guides us to display our trust in the spirit world

TUE double check the fine print and small add-ons or the bottom line will surprise you

WED a handshake agreement is all you need from those you are dealing with today

THU what you bought on faith is delivered on time and is exactly what you paid for

FRI someone has to take charge and it might as well be you who sees a problem and fixes it

SAT your creation is blessed because you are using tools and talents given to you by the universal higher power

SUN animals and small children revel in your presence to say thank you for being you

So, this week VIRGO

MON you show how it is done and others imitate

TUE love expressed through work or play finds an audience

WED the spirit world is trying to give you a gift

THU an old trick works wonders for a new crowd

FRI the all-powerful seat of authority can be by passed and not dealt with at all

SAT release and allow dust to dust and water to wine

SUN you have lived this decision before in a previous life and your choice is a crossroads that must be dealt with not ignored

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