Virgo: the sixth position on the Zodiac is symbolized by the virgin; modesty and patience are great strengths of this sign. Sharp, methodical, prizing order, Virgo is ever evolving and always receptive to learning new things. Virgos can be obsessive at times, and while usually diplomatic, can come off as harsh due to their analytical nature and tendency to strive for perfection in all aspects of life. Virgos are loyal partners or friends and have a very caring nature.
Common Characteristics of Virgo: Modest, diligent, perfectionist, overcritical, practical, intelligent, reliable, analytical, fussy, crafty, reserved, scholarly, shy, artistic
Ruling Planet: Mercury   Color association: Blue  Birthstones: Sapphire, emeralds, jade

…and Sex and Astrology for Virgo

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WK 1 relationships move up a level when you find that you think more of someone else than you do of yourself and are willing to change for them when you would not do it for yourself.  Expressing this discovery to that soul is what will bring it into reality in the material world.

WK 2 what you are not getting enough of in your love life is a result of you not asking for what you want.  You can’t blame the other person for not knowing what you want when you won’t tell them how you feel and you won’t set your boundaries

WK 3 you find yourself having to go back and change the past with an eraser to make things balance and cover a mistake that someone ask you to take care of for them.  You will have to justify a lie of omission by telling yourself that it is for their own good.

WK 4 there is only so much good that can be gotten out of any relationship and when this purpose is fulfilled, it is time to go.  Think about how you got into this relationship and you will see how you will exit.  This is an opportunity to ask your guides for what you want and see what happens.

WK 5 what you overhear proves you have been wrong and need to change the direction of a relationship while there is still a chance of recovery and time to make amends for what has been said or done


WK 1 you move up to a leadership position in the eyes of your coworkers.  Even though you may not get the official recognition, you will be rewarded with the respect and positive reactions you receive for a job well done

WK 2 cash flow problems come to make you ask for the help you need.  Your spirit guides most often use health and/or money problems to get your attention and set you back on the path that they are recommending.

WK 3 you will have to work hard to balance two jobs or new duties on your regular job but this is what is necessary to fund the secret getaway you are planning

WK 4 something had to give in a conflict with a coworker and one of you will leave the scene to pursue other interests.  If this is you making the change then get ready for too many good choices to make an easy decision.  A heart to heart with mentors will show you the path.

WK 5 you have been riding someone else’s bandwagon and it is time to jump off and follow your own vision of what the future is supposed to look like.  Trust what your guides and mentors tell you is right.


WK 1 real success comes from knowing that coworkers and competitors both appreciate the work that you do but it is always validating to also receive what you feel your services are worth in the marketplace

WK 2 great good or bad fortune can be dumped into our lap for the purpose of showing someone our reaction and how we handle what the universe gives to us.  We are all used as examples for others to learn their different lessons from. 

WK 3 happiness in life depends on achieving a balance between positive and negative forces, between telling the truth and lying, and between blessing and cursing the other souls who happen to cross your path and get into your way.

WK 4 before making any far-reaching decision consider that you might be getting a warning from your spirit guides and being given a vision of what to avoid rather than what to push for.  It is always possible to get too much of a good thing.

WK 5 when it seems that you are running against the wind and everyone seems to be working against you, this is the universe telling you to change directions and chart a new life course that goes with the winds of change


WK 1 LAST QUARTER so the dream or vision is of you taking action just before your time runs out.  You see yourself using a divining rod, searching for water.  The interpretation is that you are being asked to combine your will with divine will so you will do the right thing.

WK 2 NEW MOON so the dream or vision is of making plans for the future. You see money growing on a tree or bush and the interpretation is that the money you are expecting is almost here

WK 3 FIRST QUARTER so the dream or vision is of taking the first step in a plan of action and you see yourself on a horse that will not obey your commands. You will be forced to make a blind decision so your only help will come from your spirit guides who must be asked before they can help

WK 4 FULL MOON so the dream or vision is of a spiritual nature.  You are searching for a black cat in a dark room by following the cat’s eyes and the interpretation is that someone is trying to visit you using transcendental meditation and leaving an open pathway behind them for you to do the same