Virgo: the sixth position on the Zodiac is symbolized by the virgin; modesty and patience are great strengths of this sign. Sharp, methodical, prizing order, Virgo is ever evolving and always receptive to learning new things. Virgos can be obsessive at times, and while usually diplomatic, can come off as harsh due to their analytical nature and tendency to strive for perfection in all aspects of life. Virgos are loyal partners or friends and have a very caring nature.
Common Characteristics of Virgo: Modest, diligent, perfectionist, overcritical, practical, intelligent, reliable, analytical, fussy, crafty, reserved, scholarly, shy, artistic
Ruling Planet: Mercury   Color association: Blue  Birthstones: Sapphire, emeralds, jade

…and Sex and Astrology for Virgo

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WK 1 your inner child lets you know who to trust by attracting you to souls who have passed the test of honesty that is always hurdle number one with you. Once you trust someone you give them honest feedback and expect the same from them in return.

WK 2 the reason you have not been receiving any messages lately is the protective wall you put up to keep certain people out of your dreams and fantasies. The wall must be taken down the same way it was constructed, one brick at a time

WK 3 those in the justice system are only human and the scales of justice never balance perfectly because it is not possible for one soul to judge another and not possible for any soul to fairly judge themselves so any justice is thought to be good fortune and an act of the gods

WK 4 relationships must be give and take or someone gets angry and withdraws their emotions from the situation rather than withdrawing themselves and moving on and when communication stops relationships stop growing and begin to regress

WK 5 the real reward for being a loving person is that you attract loving souls into your life and these souls give you a reason for being the person you are and leading the life that you do


WK 1 use your intuition to feel the emotions of others you are dealing with and you will know which way to go and how far to push your ideas when the communication gets sticky and others attempt to cover their thoughts

WK 2 it is never too late to learn something new and if you are willing to subordinate yourself you can work closely with others who know something that you can learn and put to use in the near future

WK 3 you are shown the inner workings of the legal system when you are asked to judge the work of others and determine if they did all the work themselves of copied from previous work that was done by others

WK 4 what you have given to others freely in the past will now come back to you as the full circle moves connects and makes your income a mirror image of what you pass along to those who need it most

WK 5 the self-expression you have put into your work will bring praise, rewards and recognition for a job well done and increase the amount of work that comes your way so you can do it the way you think is best and not have to ask for the approval of others


WK 1 the child spirit that could not enter this life is still with you and acting as your protector and this is the voice you hear trying to calm you down whenever things do not go according to schedule and plans are changed by circumstances beyond your control

WK 2 we learn from others about who we are by the way they react to our words and deeds so it is important that we always pay attention to every soul and every event that comes into our life because they each have a lesson to teach us by the way they look at us and what they expect from us

WK 3 justice and mercy must go hand in hand or they make no sense. Justice and mercy are used to describe each other because you can’t have one without the other. If hunger caused the theft, then you do not cut off the hand that stole it.

WK 4 those who are generous find that the world is generous to them and those who look for reasons to not be generous to others will find the same treatment coming back to them from souls who do not even know them

WK 5 when you put yourself into your work you are adding emotional expression to work that is logical and needs this boost to be of the best use to the most people and this is how you can work for the universe


the dream or fantasy that comes is of you opening treasure chests full of valuable objects and trying to stuff as many as you can in your pockets while still being able to walk away and the interpretation is that all things must be let go of when they no longer serve your purpose. Deciding what goes and when is called living.

WK 2 LAST QT the dream or fantasy that comes is of a body lying dead with a large knife in the back and
the interpretation is that someone is about to let you down by talking behind your back and betraying your trust.

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or fantasy that comes is of Angels singing, blowing trumpets and spreading their wings around you and the interpretation is that you are a blessed soul and you have no reason to fear what any tomorrow might bring.

WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or fantasy that comes is of you standing before a judge in a courtroom and the interpretation is the way you do business is being scrutinized for anything that might be a bad influence on those who follow you.