Virgo, the sixth position on the Zodiac is symbolized by the virgin; modesty and patience are great strengths of this sign. Sharp, methodical, prizing order, Virgo is ever evolving and always receptive to learning new things. Virgos can be obsessive at times, and while usually diplomatic, can come off as harsh due to their analytical nature and tendency to strive for perfection in all aspects of life. Virgos are loyal partners or friends and have a very caring nature.
Common Characteristics of Virgo: Modest, diligent, perfectionist, overcritical, practical, intelligent, reliable, analytical, fussy, crafty, reserved, scholarly, shy, artistic
Ruling Planet: Mercury   Color association: Blue  Birthstones: Sapphire, emeralds, jade



WK 1 you attract the attention of someone you have never considered as relationship material and now you wonder how you missed this one in the past and start having fantasies about a future together

WK 2 your opinion of someone changes when you see them in a new setting and watch them handle a delicate situation with charm and grace.  This changes the whole dynamic between you and them and begins a series of changes in you and your life

WK 3 those who attempt to judge others are setting themselves up for closer inspection and a fall from grace because no one is perfect.  Everyone makes mistakes.  This is how they prove that they are human.  Everyone has compassion but some choose not to use it so they can better control others and these souls need to be avoided.

WK 4 the ideal mate is the one who shows you who you really are and what you can accomplish in this world.  This person is making an appearance in your life now and you get to decide if you are ready to take this leap of faith into the future

WK 5 intuition is deep compassion for the feelings and emotions of others and it is caring enough about others to explore the possibilities of helping them find their way in the endless wilderness of life.  Let your emotions rise to the top and your intuition will tell you the truth about others.


WK 1 a sweetheart deal or insider information falls into your lap and you have a decision to make about how best to put this windfall to use and who else you are going to tell about it

WK 2 a powerful person who is good with money has decided that you can be trusted and this will open doors and give you a chance to take on a new identity with those who matter.

WK 3 you get to see behind the curtain into the workings of the justice system and how it is corrupted by greed and avarice.  When you refuse to take part in what you know is wrong, you are creating cosmic energy and good karma.

WK 4 you already possess everything you need to create success.  All you have to do is apply yourself and make a sincere effort so others will know that you are all in and willing to do what is necessary to achieve your goals.

WK 5 reading body language is the first step to reading minds.  Physical movements open the door for mental movement and new thought and each thought is reflected in the body’s reaction


WK 1 when you are given a gift by the universe the way to show your appreciation is to put it to use rather than hiding it away for a rainy day.  Money held too tightly always tries to escape your grasp just as people controlled too tightly look for a way out.

WK 2 the way to change the world is to change your point of view.  If your thinking does not change over time, there is a problem and it is your unwillingness to admit that everything changes everyday and there is no holding back change.

WK 3 honest souls can answer questions about their own behavior.  Dishonest souls can never give a direct answer because they are always trying to manipulate others and make themselves seem greater than they are.  This is because they hate themselves so they practice self-destruction.  Lies cause hatred and hatred causes all of the world’s troubles.

WK 4 you meet a person who has set their limits and shown others the boundaries that cannot be crossed and this is the lesson that you are supposed to learn from them.

WK 5 every event that comes into your life through interactions with other humans, animals, and objects is put in place for a reason and the most obvious one is that something in your life needs change


WK 1 FULL MOON the dream or vision is of the sun behind you creating your shadow and the interpretation is that your life’s meaning is about to be revealed through signs and omens from the spirit world

WK 2 LAST QT the dream or vision is of a rainbow over your home and family and the interpretation is that financial problems are about to solved and this transition is already under way

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or vision is of giving alms to beggars in the street and the interpretation is that good thought breeds good karma and good karma is your only defense when your life is reviewed by the spirit world at the end of this incarnation. This is how you find out if you need another lifetime or have now reached your enlightenment.  You are the one who must decide your fate.

WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or vision is of one testifying while crossing their fingers behind them and the interpretation is that even the truth changes and what is in holy scriptures changes to be meaningful to each new generation.  This is how we know they are blessed writings.